Hoorah at last! A new update rolling out to all Pinterest users allows super quick and easy pinning from your iPhone or iPad.

Whether you’re browsing Safari or through some epic photos you just took, you can now upload these to Pinterest in just a few clicks taps.

To get this Pinterest option on your iPhone/iPad, just hit the Share icon at the bottom of your browser (i.e. Safari) and in the top row of icons, scroll to the far right and hit “more”.

In the list you will see Pinterest and the toggle to switch it on. Tap this, then tap and hold the 3 lines to the right of the switch to drag it to the top. Let’s face it, if it’s the first thing you see when you’re sharing content, you’re more likely to Pin it to one of your boards! Watch a demonstration from Pinterest’s blog below or keep scrolling for our video walkthrough.

How to Switch on the Pinterest Share Button on iPhone and iPad | Pinterest Tips from Pinright

Using this option you can create new boards easier and quicker than ever before, and add awesome keyword filled descriptions so your content’s found and indexed correctly.

Here at Pinright we recommend pinning a minimum of 25 pins per day on your account (including repins) so having this quick and easy option is going to boost your Pinterest accounts massively.

If manual pinning isn’t your thing then why not schedule your pins in one hit. Tailwind makes this super easy – to grab your free trial and take advantage of our special offer – click here.

Grab our Free Ultimate Pinterest Checklist here. Watch our quick demo of how to enable the Pinterest button on your iPad or iPhone below.