Do What You Love

We love Pinterest and when you love something learning about it isn’t a chore. From the early days of Pinterest we’ve been loving it! We’ve planned two weddings, some amazing trips, various birthday parties ranging from 1-70 years and made more craft projects than is considered sane. Through that love and fun we have learnt Pinterest inside out and how it works to get the best results. When Pinterest moved to business accounts so did we and we haven’t looked back since.

Have Fun

First and foremost life should be fun it makes everything easier, so we wanted to make content you can learn loads from in an easy way. We wanted to have fun too, so we don’t take ourselves too seriously which means you get to have fun with us too – probably mainly by laughing AT us.

We like to think we’re amusing. We know we learn more when fun’s involved so we’re guessing that’s the same for everyone else. Starting or running a business is hard enough as it is, fun makes it easier! We like it when we read articles or see a fun approach to explaining something techy so that’s the approach we’ve taken to our content. Whether we’re firing up our pin flux capacitor or get a fit of giggles halfway through a shakedown video it’s all got to feel much easier if it’s fun, right ?”

Work Hard

Because we enjoy what we do and we have fun as much as possible work doesn’t feel like work to us. It means we give it our all and we get results and we get to do that whilst still being happy ! Pinterest is our passion and we research, assess, test and measure everything we do to get the best results. We have had amazing successes including 1000 followers in the first DAY of the launch our PinRight Pinterest account, 20,000 followers in total in our accounts and PINS that have reached amazing virality. We can do the same for you.

Be Kind

We’re kind and fair and we believe in being so in all aspects of our lives. We’ve set our businesses up to have freedom from a traditional job, to learn every day and to avoid having to work with people who don’t have the same principles as us or who don’t ‘get us’. We believe that works both ways, if you’re ever unhappy with how we operate we want to hear about it so we can learn from it and obviously would love to resolve it. Life’s too short to be unhappy.

Be Honest

We don’t make useless crap, whether it’s plastic tutt that snaps within 2 mins of owning it, or a gadget that fills you with hope, but when you take it out of the box it gets used once and then relegated to the cupboard under the stairs – no one likes the thought of buying something useless. We don’t like it, so we don’t make it. Our products are what have helped us grow two successful businesses and we don’t sell things that haven’t been useful for us.

Have Integrity

Customer service isn’t just a phrase to tick off on a list of business tasks for us. We’re a brother and sister family business and we’ve been schooled by our very successful entrepreneur Dad. He’s run his own businesses with integrity for over 55 years (he’s even still working now at 75). We’re extremely proud of him and we would never do anything he wouldn’t be happy with !

Be Grateful

We get to work in a business where we get to help other businesses grow whilst growing our own business? Win Win – what’s not to be grateful about. Let us help you get results like we have had and you can join our gratitude party.

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Sounds like something from the girl guides right ? But really it’s just cutting out the bullshit and salesy jargon and telling you plain and simply what we believe in. You can see from our results we do great work and if you like our values then we’ll probably all get on great.