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So, this week Pinterest celebrated 100 million users so that’s a pretty relevant time to blow their own trumpet. During that week they announced an article detailing why they believe businesses should be on Pinterest. 

As you can imagine we wholeheartedly agree with them 😜 but perhaps what’s missing from their  top ten is how to put it into place, turn it into a reality and implement it. So that’s where we come in, we’ve taken their top ten reasons and added a Pinright twist to make all the reasons more doable! This is the 3rd in our series of Demystifying Pinterest posts supporting our mission to tell the world the power of Pinterest!

1. Pinterest is a sizable platform to reach desired audiences

Pinterest says: 67% of Pinners are under the age of 40, a 27% jump from last year. 54% of women aged 34-55 are on Pinterest—35% of them have a household income over $100K. Male monthly users have grown 120% this year. 

Pinright says: Audiences are flocking to Pinterest and if you want to start a relationship with any of the above demographics (or infact ANYONE) Pinterest is the perfect way to do it. To provide value and content that’s useful in a way that’s not salesy or in your face will help you grow connections that lead to a long lasting sales relationships. It’s not limited to the demographics above either by getting in now if your niche is not particularly established on Pinterest you can carve out your name early and show up in their searches as soon as they start to arrive 😍

ACTION: Let us show you how to set up your business account and start working your niche.

2. Investing in Pinterest pays off long-term

Pinterest says: Because Pins last forever, your quality content has a longer shelf life. Since discovery and search powers Pinterest, content has evergreen value. So when you create high quality, relevant Pins and optimize your website, you’ll see results.

Pinright says: This is so true and so many businesses just don’t realise the evergreen nature of pins. When you tweet it’s gone in a matter of minutes. On Facebook do you ever ‘like’ something and go back to it weeks or months later to action it? I doubt it as you’d be hard pressed to find it.

Pinterest solves all of that by allowing customers or potential customers to save your content and go back to it at any point in the future. A pin can go viral and weeks, months, sometimes even years later go viral again. It only takes someone to rediscover it to really see it get a boost all over again and all for free!

ACTION:  Learn the power of Pinterest to drive traffic to your website repeatedly in an evergreen way.

3. Pinners are open to your marketing: 

Pinterest says: Two thirds of the content saved to Pinterest comes from businesses. And that isn’t just a coincidence. Pinright-spock-logic-pinterest

Pinright says: We repeatedly see the authentic relationships between customers and brands that are formed from using content marketing. Pinterest is the perfect, seamless way to facilitate that and provide value to your customers and building a lasting relationship by building trust.  Customers are turning to brands they trust to provide useful content and advice.If people trust you they will buy from you. It’s all quite logical really 😉

ACTION: Learn how to create your own content and provide value to your customers and potential customers.

4. Pinterest influences purchase

Pinterest says: Pinners are engaged, loyal advocates. And that advocacy isn’t just limited to browsing. In fact, a large majority of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy. A whopping 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest and 93% of Pinners have used Pinterest to plan a future purchase.

PinRight says: By providing content in a variety of ways like tutorials, blog articles, recipes, videos, tips, freebies, giveaways and so much more you are massively multiplying the chances of your pins being not just seems but used and engaged with and then multiplying your chances of being part of that Pinners future purchase planning.

ACTION: Create content that provides value and builds trust with your customers and potential customers. Think of ways that you can solve your customers problems with your products. Here’s an example of content we created that is not related to our products but highly useful to our customers.

5. Pinterest drives significant referral traffic

How often is the getting started with something the problem. Pinterest can provide huge benefits for your business but even the thought of just getting started on a new platform can be overwhelming. Don't waste time making the mistakes we did, do it the easy way. Let us show you how to do all of it the easy way.Pinterest says: Around 5% of all referral traffic to websites comes from Pinterest, according to Shareaholic research. This is second only to Facebook, which drives almost 25% of all referral traffic on the web. (Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Google+ each refer less than a 1% share of the market.)  

Pinright says: That 5% is 5 times the traffic of all the major platforms with the exception of Facebook. But if you consider the stage of growth that Pinterest is at which is far ‘younger’ than Facebook that number has the  potential to grow much further – RAPIDLY. The majority of businesses still haven’t realised the huge potential of Pinterest meaning you can get in there first and corner your market.

ACTION: We say this ALOT but – Just get started 😄 set up a business account now and learn how Pinterest really works to harness that power. 

6. Pinners have larger shopping carts

Pinterest says: The average order value from Pinterest referral traffic is $58.95, compared to $55 for Facebook, according to Shopify research.

Pinright says: It stands to reason that if the demographic are higher earners and that they are going to Pinterest with the intention of making purchases then they are going to buy more. If your website is ready and optimised for that traffic those sales can be instant and a lovely addition to your normal traffic.

ACTION: It’s not just about getting your Pinterest content ready make sure your website is optimised for a seamless experience from pin to purchase to see an increase in traffic and sales. Learn how to make sure your website is pinready.

7. Pinterest informs you of emerging trends

Pinterest says: Pinterest can give you powerful signals into emerging trends and popular products in a given industry, especially in fashion, home and garden, food and beauty. Pinterest search bubbles up popular keywords and trending products in real time. When you use Promoted Pins, you can also track which products are in style or might be losing traction in the market.

Pinright says: Keywords can change over time as can customer interests. Pinterest can be a way to keep on top of that, so as your customers tastes change, your business can cater to that and provide what customers want. Keywords are an essential way to show up in your ideal customers searches to get your business in front of them and start to build a relationship.

ACTION: Register for promoted pins and try out some very specific targeting of your customers. Promoted pins are only available to US businesses right now but you can also achieve these results organically using keywords so don’t worry if you can’t access them yet.

8. Pinners have more purchasing power than non-Pinners

Pinterest says: Active Pinners have a 9% higher average income than non-users, according to Ahalogy. Active Pinners say they spend less time consuming traditional media like magazines, catalogs and television. 

Pinright says: This means that this sought after demographic are not consuming content that through traditional media. Instead they are using new channels like, say Pinterest 😉. So by creating an article they are interested in, a recipe they can use, a how to they will implement or a  free gift they can use means you are at the centre of the media they consume. It’s you they will turn to for valuable content and it’s you they’ll trust to buy from. Change your thinking – you don’t just have to be the sources of products instead you can be a trusted advisor and a provider or information.

ACTION: Think about your ideal customer and research and discover what media they are likely to consume and then create some original content around it that you can make and pin from.

9. Pinterest can help your brand fit into someone’s life

Pinterest says: 66% of Pinners say they use the service to save and collect things that inspire them. When you add a mix of aspirational and actionable Pins, you’re giving people creative ideas that help them plan for what’s next.

Pinright says: Where else can you inspire people to USE your products. Not just buy them, but actually use them. That’s taking selling to a whole other level. That’s promoting action taking with your products. That means they buy them, use them, engage with them and have a great experience, meaning they’ll then recommend them and buy them again. Pinterest gives you a way to not just sell but SuperSell and create a long term relationship to boot. 

ACTION: Rethink your sales strategy to move from one off sales to long term relationships with customers that you can nurture and build on. Don’t see sales as a one off thing but instead nurturing a customer for life embed it into everything even your SEO.

10. People check their Pins while shopping in your store

Pinterest says: According to Ahalogy’s 2015 Pinterest Media Study, 67% of Pinners consult Pins on their mobile devices while shopping in stores, making it important for retailers to add high quality, impactful Pins that help people understand how the product works, why it’s a must-have and how else they can incorporate it into their lives.

Pinright says: This backs up everything we’ve recommended as actions in this article. The pins you create, can create the relationship you have with your customers. But on top of that it cracks wide open the potential for bricks and mortar stores. Time and time again we hear businesses limit themselves by saying Pinterest is “not for them” because they have actual bricks and mortar premises.

It’s not a limit its a massive potential and stores that bridge the gap between online and real life marketing are way ahead of most businesses and seeing huge returns for their lateral thinking. Just think how many times in store you’ve been influenced by Pinterest to buy something, whether it’s a fashion item, a recipe, a book, a make up tutorial you can guarantee the stealth influence of Pinterest marketing. 

ACTION: If you have a bricks and mortar business get your Pinterest account set up now and find ways to straddle virtual and in store promotion. 

There we have it. 10 crazily compelling reasons your business should be on Pinterest. If those massive bonuses for your bottom line have convinced you and you want to take action and start using Pinterest for your business then learn how to do it right, from the start. Check out our 9 Module Pinterest for Business course.