A great tip to increase the amount of Repins on your Pins is to embed related and interesting Pins straight into your blog post or pages. Better yet, it’s SO easy to do that you will find yourself putting pins in all of your pages from now on. It makes it so easy for your website visitors to repin your content which completes the circle of ultimately bringing people back over to your site.

in another recent article we showed you how to embed Pinterest boards in your blog posts or pages but this how to focuses on individual pins and images so you can get way more specific.

Step 1 – Copy your Pin URL

In Pinterest find a Pin that you want to embed, copy the URL or Website Address which is at the top in the address bar.

Copy Pin URL from Your Browser

Step 2 – Visit the Pin Widget Builder

Pinterest have a dedicated page to make embedding Pins dead easy. Visit their Widget Builder  and paste in the URL of your Pin. Bookmark the widget builder page as you are going to use it loads once you see how cool this is!

Paste Pin url into pinterest widget builder

Step 3 – Copy the code

Click the “Build It!” button and Pinterest will give you a preview of your Pin and the code you need for your website.

View Pin Widget Preview after clicking Build It to receive code

Depending on what you’re using to build your website, you will need to switch to HTML to get the code to display correctly. On WordPress you click the “Text” option in the top right which switches to HTML view and if you’re on Squarespace you’ll need to add a “Code Block” (article here). If you’re using another provider then we’d recommend checking out their help section and typing in the search “Insert HTML code”.

Here’s Our Example:

Oh look! There’s an awesome Pin we’ve embedded, fancy helping us out and clicking that Pin it button? Aww you’re too kind!

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