Pinterest Expands Ads to Search Keywords

Pinterest is looking to grow it’s advertising platform and further entice marketers to divert more budget their way.

At present I think it’s clear that Facebook Ads is the most popular tool for pushing a new product or service. Businesses are still not choosing to advertise on Pinterest and they’re hoping to change that with this new update.

Not available to everyone yet (but hopefully soon!) is the option to target keywords on the Pinterest search algorithm. So when someone searches for a specific product, your ads will show up.

Pinterest keyword search ad

Think of it as being similar to Google CPC and showing ads as the top 3 and sidebar results before the organic listings.

When people use the pinterest search for products they are early on in the decision making process so having ads that match those initial searches is great for your business. You can get them ‘through the door’ so to speak instantly.

It’s also a benefit to the user as they want to find the most applicable result to their search. What comes up in the search results isn’t always spot on what they’re looking for.

This feature is still in testing with some partners but they have seen it drive more in store sales. Pinterest needed to drive the appeal of their ad platform if they’re to compete with Facebook – this could be it.

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