Pinterest announces Promoted Video which offers more than just views

It’s been talked about for a while that Pinterest were going to offer a native video player and it looks like we’re very nearly there!

At the time of writing this article, you’ll only get access to the benefits of promoted video if you work with a Pinterest Account team (however if you want to sign up to try and get early access, click here).

Promoted Video with a Difference

Here’s how promoted video works on Pinterest…

Unlike most social media platforms, the video will not autoplay. Instead, it will offer what it’s calling an “in feed preview” which animates as you scroll.

Only when you tap or click on the video will the whole video play. Then this is where things get really exciting.

Pinterest Promoted Video with featured pins

Typically after a watching a video on any other platform, it’s difficult to initiate any call to action for the user without talking about it in the video. However with Pinterest Promoted Video, you are given the ability to show “featured” pins below the video. These could be products, articles, recipes, all relating to the video you are showing.

Better yet? Pinterest will not charge you for featured pins. It comes free with the promoted video campaign!

You can have 6 featured pins in total and these will absolutely increase your chances for a sale.

Video Ads on Pinterest are Different

Pinterest isn’t a social media network, people do not go there to tell people what they had for lunch or share their personal holiday snaps.

According to data from Mary Meeker, 55% of people on Pinterest want to find or shop for products on the platform. Only 12% of people say that about social networks.

They use it for inspiration, to find new products and ideas to improve their lives. That’s why we think the videos you will find there will be different.

They will be aimed at helping the individual find what they are looking for and better describe a product that they are interested in.

Pinterest Videos are much more aimed at giving value to a potential customer. Rather than just making you wee yourself laughing at funny cats (or bad lip readings – my personal favourite).

If you want to see videos on Promoted Video in action, head over to Pinterest’s Blog. (The videos were unlisted so we didn’t want to embed them).

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