10 Brilliant Board Content Ideas for Pinterest that will Rocket your Exposure. We show you how Pinterest can be easy, don't be stumped with ideas for content let us help you with 10 Easy Board ideas to get you started FAST | pinright.com

You’ve just started with Pinterest and mastered the basics but beyond that it’s a bit of mystery. You feel stuck for what to pin and how to get going beyond your account setup.

You are thinking:

  • What will people want to see?
  • How can I get noticed amongst so much content?
  • How can I be different ?
  • Will the time I’m going to spend on this be worth my effort?

These are all stumbling blocks that hold you back from the most important thing, which is – TO JUST GET STARTED!

“The most important thing with Pinterest is to  – just get started”

Clearing the Blocks

Clearing those blocks and just getting started is the beginning of unleashing the power of Pinterest for your business. By just getting started you will immediately be ahead of most businesses who set up accounts, feel unclear about what to do and end up just using it to pin pictures of cute cats or a few mouth watering recipes that they will never make, and then give up.

How to Get Unstuck

In this new series of posts we are going to look at easy ways to get you started, by giving you examples of simple things that you can do immediately and feel like Pinterest isn’t such a mystery. It will help make your account look amazing and most importantly give you great content that your ideal customers are going to LOVE and engage with. To make sure you don’t miss a post in this fantastic FREE series sign up to our newsletter now.10 Brilliant Board Content Ideas for Pinterest that will Rocket your Exposure. We show you how Pinterest can be easy, don't be stumped with ideas for content let us help you with 10 Easy Board ideas to get you started FAST | pinright.com

In this first article we are going to cover Board Content and how it can make all the difference in terms of getting more followers, traffic and sales.

Out of all the blocks people tell us they have with Pinterest when they start out, what to pin and therefore the content of their boards is one of the biggest. It can stump people so much that they just stop before they start. So we are going to  make it easy and give you 10 ideas for board content that you can set up on your account right now. This will help you:

  • Have great content from the start – no more feeling stumped and not knowing where to start.
  • Have a clear idea of what you will pin – no more agonising over what to pin and repin.
  • An account that has a good amount of boards so you show up in more results – you won’t be one of those accounts with one board and 5 pins that just doesnt get any traction.
  • A far better chance of getting repinned – it’s the ultimate goal after all, the more you are repinned the more exposure you’ll get.
  • Feel like you know what you’re doing – you will feel confident in your account and how you need to fill it.

So take these content ideas, set up boards and fill them with a mix of repins and your own content and see your account start to gain traction. Remember to space your pins to these new boards out, pin little and often every day so that you are not flooding peoples newsfeeds.

Ten Board Content Ideas

1. Your own products and services

This should be front and centre and the first board on your profile. It’s amazing how many people don’t have this and then wonder why people are confused about what they do. Equally though don’t just fill your account with your own products and services. People come to Pinterest to be inspired and find ideas not to look at just one thing. Find multiple ways to engage them, not just in your own content but in other people’s too. In doing that you’ll provide them with more than they expect from you.

2. Delicious and Easy Recipes 

Ok so it sounds a bit counterintuitive, your product is car parts, so why on earth would you use Pinterest to post about recipes? But that is the beauty of Pinterest people come to Pinterest to find one thing but end up stumbling through an array of beautiful images. Through that stumbling and accidental discovery they can end up on your site.

They might have come to Pinterest just to chill out and have some headspace and are scrolling through content when they come across an amazing looking recipe you have repinned (remember this doesnt have to be your own recipes you have created but just a collection of recipes you have found). They click on that pin and repin it and then they see your username and they click through to you account. They love what they see so they start following you, so begins your relationship with them. Recipes are one of the top 5 categories on Pinterest and pretty much every single account has got recipes of some sort pinned on it, leverage some of that action for your account too.

3. Testimonials from your customers

People love social proof, they want to know something has worked for other people, they want the confidence of knowing other’s have used it or done it. Use this kind of board to showcase your figures, pin blog articles showing your success. Ask your customers to record short sound bite videos that you can use on your website and then pin to Pinterest. Don’t let this one overwhelm you or take up much time, even if you just start out with a few and add to it over time it’s a powerful way of helping to build trust with potential customers. If you add the name of the person and their website in the description people can check them out to know they are legit too, all adding to the trust factor.

4. How To’s

If you have a physical product show it in use, show how to actually use it and it being used in different situations. Provide your customers with inspiration to use it and find ways to get more value out of it. If you don’t have a physical product but it’s a service show it in use. Pin a video with a free dowload, a short video excerpt or give away part of your product for free to entice customers to buy more. The key to this board is not to wear yourself out only creating how to’s for your products or services, but also to share other products and services that your customers would find useful. Make sure it all has a theme so it becomes a one stop shop board for people to come to, to solve problems.

5. Products/Apps/Services you Love & Personally Use

Helping your customers save time in ways that might not be related to your business will definitely still pay dividends, you are adding value and helping them which will build trust in you and your brand. Showing people what you use to make your own life or business easier is a fast way to help people to save time themselves too – and who doesn’t love that? You can include your own products and services on that board too, but the majority will be from others, making your life a bit easier too as that’s a case of repinning rather than creating pins. As you move around Pinterest you are bound to come across content that you know your existing or potential customers will like and gain from too.

6. Guest Pinners

Create a group board around a topic that you know your ideal client will love and then ask other people to join it too. You can do this by inviting them in the edit board options – we will cover exactly how to do this in a later post about group boards. The beauty of this is that you get other people to pin content for you, saving you time and effort too. Make sure it’s a topic you’re customers will find interesting and make sure you regularly vet the content and make sure it’s on track. If you have guests who write articles on your website or blog let them pin to a board with a theme for that article too and have different writers contributing every week or month.

7. About us

Just like on your website an about us board on Pinterest is a way to let your customers get to know you and a way to help potential customers trust you by seeing the faces behind the account. Pin pictures of your team and what their roles are, show behind the scenes at your business, show how your products are made or where services are created. Use it as a way to allow the personality of your brand to shine through. Show the part of the world you are located in and local attractions and history. This doesn’t have to be hard, if you search within Pinterest itself you can guarantee there will be information about your local area that you can repin.

8. Fashion

Again this is one of the top 5 categories on Pinterest and is one that pretty much everyone pins to and from. You will know your ideal customer best and whether they are predominantly male or female (or an equal mix) and their age groups. You can pin style that you know they would be interested in. If you were a cycle shop for instance you could pin outdoor sportswear or sports and casual wear in general. If you had a cosmetic brand you could pin the latest fashions in line with your own make up trends and seasons. Don’t be limited by thinking that your brand or products have to be related to fashion – just remember EVERYONE wears clothes (well hopefully they do).


Guess what? Yep, this one is in the top 5 categories on Pinterest too and for good reason. Everyone loves an inspirational or motivational quote and it could just be the first taste of engagement a potential customers has with you so what a positive way to reach them. You can make your own quotes to intermingle amongst the literally millions of quotes already on pinterest, or just stick to repinning other’s quotes that resonate with you and your brand. Either way use them as a way to show what you stand for and the ethics of your brand to make sure you are attracting the kind of customers who are the best fit for your business. Again, don’t be limited by thinking that quotes are not relevant to your business, you will miss the opportunity to grow your following in a really positive way.

10. Information in your industry

Providing information and articles and the latest research or stats about the industry you are in will cement you as being an authority. Pinterest is a great way to showcase not just what your products and services can do, but also what you know and why you’re an expert. This doesn’t have to be your own articles although obviously it’s a great opportunity to get your own content out there. You can pin articles, videos and anything relating to what is going on in your sector that your customers will find useful.

So for Pinright we don’t just post our own information about Pinterest but we repin research from Pinterest themselves. We repin tips and tricks other people have used and had success with, what the lastest news and trends are on Pinterest and other great pinners and marketers to follow. Think, repin and pin just like your customer would and you can’t go far wrong.