Pinterst isn't only for online more and more businesses are using it in their bricks and mortar shops too find out how you can use it to grow sales and profit

A successful trial of bringing interactive Pinterest boards to shopping malls could mean a merge between the online and in store shopping experience.

A couple of months ago, as part of a Mother’s day promotional event, JCPenney came up with a genius idea of introducing real life Pinterest Boards.

As a major retailer of shoes, clothes and accessories for Mothers, bringing Pinterest to their events (and now stores) is a perfect fit! Most of their customers will be familiar with Pinterest and Pinterest users are their exact target market.

What was the event?

Throughout the day there were fashion shows and hair demonstrations with a JCPenney stylist. Naturally all the looks that you saw in the shows were available to purchase in store right away and all the hair styles could be done in 5-15 minutes or less. If you wanted to try out a style then there was a station where you could get your hair braided by a stylist.

Interactive Pinterest Boards

So how did they use Pinterest for the event? Life sized Pinterest Boards (of course!). Check out the board below (Image from

JCPenney Live Interactive Pinterest Board

By displaying their Pinterest board with the looks from the site, customers can instantly go and purchase in store. It was so successful that they are rolling the idea out to a further 10 shopping malls.

What is means for the future

More customers are looking online before they visit stores. More and more are using Pinterest to plan their purchases. If brands can bring Pinterest into shopping malls and engage their audience with content that they’ve seen online then it will increase their chances of buying exponentially.

I’m sure this is just one of the ways that popular brands are looking to bring Pinterest to their stores, it makes perfect sense and it’s a step further to reviving brick and mortar shopping.

If there’s ever been a time to get on Pinterest and promote your brand then this is evidence that it’s time to start! You might think that it’s a lot of work but we assure you that of all the marketing you can do out there, your efforts are best spent on Pinterest!

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