Summer's arriving so what better time to get your beverage out there and leverage Pinterest to gain huge exposure!!

Summer’s arriving so what better time to get your beverage out there and leverage Pinterest to gain huge exposure!!

We’ve extracted some of the great advice from Pinterest’s blog post that you can use when promoting your drink’s brand.

If it’s an alcoholic beverage then Pinterest have got some key figures to share with you:

  • Alcohol shows up in 60% of the top drink searches
  • 1 in 4 drinks pins contain alcohol
  • 35% of users buy the drink they’ve seen used in a pin
  • Of course it doesn’t just have to be alcohol and some of the following tips don’t necessarily have to be applied to drinks at all. We’ve noticed with Pinterest it’s all about thinking outside the box and how to best get exposure but also giving value as well.


    Feature your beverage (or other item) as an ingredient to a recipe. Market your product as a way to improve an existing recipe. It’ll inspire pinners (the main purpose of Pinterest!) and if they try the recipe and love it, all their friends will want to know about it!


    Use the product as a way to plan events. Why do you think all those brands sponsor big summer events? Create Pins on Pinterest based around planning the ultimate summer party and watch as the indirect exposure boosts sales. Besides 85% of Pinners use it to plan events!


    Create fun charts and facts based around your brand. Even a little history/behind the scenes of it’s origins could be interesting to pinners. It’ll bring you closer to your audience and make you a little more transparent when it comes to knowing your brand.

    Especially now with Promoted Pins being available in more countries, once you’ve designed pins based around these ideas, you can get them in front of all the right people with a few clicks!

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