Pinterest ads are powerful but with these new re-targeting options get even more for your money

Promoted Pins have only recently come to countries outside the US but there it’s been around for nearly 2 years. Tonnes of businesses have been using the tool to gain massive exposure and boost their sales.

It looks like there’s going to be further potential in the platform too as they’ve just recently announced 3 new ways to use Ad Targeting within Promoted Pins.

Now if you’ve ever used Facebook Ad Targeting then this will be familiar territory. Companies saw a massive rise in conversions when they introduced targeting.

How audience targeting works on Pinterest Promoted Pins

What is ad-targeting?

Essential it’s focused criteria that works from your business data specifically, rather than usual keyword searches and categories. This means that your ads will be better “targeted” to your audience, because you’re basing it on your own data.

As an example, if someone visits your site and buys a product, you can show them adverts for further products (or discounts) on their next order in their Pinterest feed. Pinterest have done early testing and found that CTR (Click through rates) shot up to 63% on these types of ads.

Pinterest is introducing 3 Targeting Options:

  • Customer list targeting: Target existing customers using emails or mobile ad IDs. You’ll be able to upload your Customer list to Pinterest so that they can target these customers specifically.
  • Visitor retargeting: Reach people who’ve visited your site (pixelling like with FB Ads)
  • Lookalike targeting: Reach a larger group of people who look and act similar to your audience.

Let’s look at how to create an audience in Pinterest Ads.

When you create your ad, you’ll pick whether you want to boost engagement or get traffic (step 1). Then you’ll need to pick your pin (step 2 – this is all standard stuff from normally creating ads on Pinterest). Let’s jump to the screen where you can choose to create an audience (Step 3 of 3):

Creating an audience on Pinterest Ads

If you click the + Option you’ll be presented with your 3 audience choices.

Creating an audience - picking from 3 options on Pinterest Promoted Pins

Pick your option and follow the on screen prompts to customise your audience (note: for help with conversion tags or “pixelling” as it’s called in FB click here.)

If there’s ever been a reason to fund more of your marketing budget through Pinterest then now’s the time. With all these options and better conversion rates than any form of social media, you’re guaranteed better results with Pinterest.

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