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Have you heard about rich pins and wanted in on the action. Do recipe rich pins sound just right for your business? This article will show you how to set them up in only 3 CLICKS!

Remember when designing a website was an almost impossible task? Spending days staring at HTML code on Dreamweaver (or notepad in my case! *sigh*). We left those coding days a long time ago with the introduction of CMS (Content Management System) based websites. It’s made designing and setting up websites an actual (semi) enjoyable task.

Of course we still have the option to dive into the back end of a website and tinker with code we probably shouldn’t, which brings me onto this article – setting up Recipe Rich Pins. Do you look at this and think “No way, I’m not even going to bother, that looks way too complicated”?

Setting up Recipe Rich Pins on Pinterest Doesn't Have to Be This Complicated | Pinright

Yeah, you’re not the only one. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about any of the code above; especially if you’re using WordPress. In this article I’m going to show you how to bypass any complex code and set up recipe rich pins in JUST 3 CLICKS.

Let’s get started…

Click One – Add a New Plugin

Our first click needs to be within the trusty WordPress Dashboard. Hover your mouse over “Plugins” and Click “Add New”.

Install a New Plugin WordPress

Click one done.

Click Two – Search for “Zip Recipes”

Ok, strictly speaking this doesn’t count as a click: In the search box type in “Zip Recipes” and press enter on your keyboard to kick off the search.

Search for Zip Recipes in the plugin search field

Click Two – Click Install Now

Zip Recipes should be the first result in the search: it’ll look like this:

Zip Recipes WordPress Plugin Install Screen

Click “Install Now”. Click Two Done!

Click Three – Activate

When the plugin is installed you’ll see the option to Activate the plugin. Go ahead and click away!

Activate Zip Recipes Plugin

Now when you Add a New Post on your WordPress blog, you’ll see the Zip Recipes button in the tool bar. When you want to add a recipe to your post you can click this and input all the ingredients, quantities and steps.

Zip Recipes toolbar button

Psst: Don’t forget to validate your rich pins when you’ve created your first recipe ; )

Aren’t plugins awesome? Especially when they’re free. Want to learn more about Zip Recipes before you install the plugin? Check out their brief intro video embedded below.

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