If you’re a Pinterest Addict (like us!) then you’re Pinterest Home Feed can get pretty busy. Amongst all the mouth watering recipes, fashion ideas and home decor you occasionally get something that you didn’t ask for!

The odd one might not phase you but what happens when it gets out of control? The all-knowing gurus at Pinterest understand this problem and like Facebook, give you the option to hide unwanted content.

How To Do It

As with most things on Pinterest, it’s dead easy. If you hover over the “Picked for you” element at the bottom of the pin, you will see a magical “x”..

How To Hide Pins on Pinterest | Pinright

When you click the cross it will show you the option to “Hide this Pin” or to “Hide all Pins similar to…”.

Hide Pins From Your Pinterest Home Feed | Pinright

Take your pick! If it’s a subject you have no interest in seeing in your Home Feed then choose the “Hide all Pins..” option 🙂


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