What Happens When Guys Try Pinterest? Mess! But it's not all fruit hacks and laddishness. Find out how men are fast realising the power of Pinterest and starting to use it unique ways to make it work for their business and their lives | pinright.com

Ok I admit it, I am drawn into the arty food hacks on Pinterest as much as any female out there. I’m the minority I know, not just for wanting to be creative with my food, but for being on Pinterest in general. 80% of users on Pinterest are Women and there’s 15x more pins from Women than from Men. To be fair, there’s not many guys that are creative clever enough to pull off cool food hacks and upload them to Pinterest. So what happens when we see one and we want to try it with our mates?

Cue Buzz Feed’s hilarious video “Dudes Do Pinterest Summer Fruit Hacks”

Bigger Than Stabbing Fruit

There’s massive potential for guys on Pinterest, I think initially we’re turned off the idea because of the content we see, which mostly consists of Women’s fashion, pretty food and home decor. Us guys can be pretty stubborn and without really fully understanding what it is, we give up and think “there’s nothing here I can use.”

How wrong we are, over the years I have got more fashion advice from Pinterest than anyone else. Using Secret Boards, I am able to throw new styles together and either buy them online or go out and find it in the shops. I’ve learnt about which clothes to match and what colours to avoid putting together (hint: this was an eye-opener), what Sunglasses to buy depending on my face shape, 18 ways to tie and that’s JUST fashion. As an entrepreneur I’m always thinking about the bigger picture and my future goals. I’m using secret boards to plan luxury holidays I can’t afford yet and building the house of my dreams!

With all this visual stimulation, my work ethic is improving massively. The more time I spend on Pinterest, the more pumped I feel to get cracking with business and life in general. What other website can motivate you like that? Facebook or Twitter? No way.

Pinterest can be your personal life coach, sure you can’t tell it your problems (you could try) but you can use it to paint a picture of the life you’ve always wanted. Stimulate your eyes and be inspired.

Pinterest. It's not just for girls | Pinright.com

Well said Leo.

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