Rebecca Bradley


Rebecca has ideas - lot's of ideas! They interrupt her at the most inconvenient times but they are generally awesome! She is a whirling vortex of human energy for getting things done. Rebecca has a Master of Arts in HR and Business and 15 years business experience. Rebecca lives in the lovely seaside town of Margate in Kent, UK. When she's not having ideas she can be found reading, eating cake or laughing. Her favourite quote is “if you change nothing, nothing will change”.

Steve Bradley


After being brought up in a Family of almost all Business Owners, Steve was pretty much destined to end up an Entrepreneur. He started his first business at 21 maintaining computer networks and grew to 2 successful online businesses and an acting career all without breaking a sweat. Next on his list of domination is expanding his online businesses and starting a podcast empire. Steve lives in London and whiles away his personal hours dancing, kicking butt karate stylee and singing - imagine all that combined!