Why You Should Tap Into Trends That Are Not Your Exact Industry But Relevant To Your Audience

Learn why tapping into trends on Pinterest that are outside of your initial demographic will provide you with new followers and even more targeted traffic.

One of the biggest “chandelier” moments (these are much bigger than “light bulb” moments) people have regarding Pinterest is the ability to tap into trends that are not your exact industry.

It’s a common misconception that you have to pin within the frame of your industry or business e.g. if you’re selling fashion accessories, you can only pin fashion items. NO! You can also create boards that your ideal audience would be interested in outside this!

For example, you can create a board for healthy food recipes or one for health and fitness! Knowing your customer is important so find out what other interests they have and play to that on Pinterest! It will increase your engagement and grow your following. If you can start writing articles relating to this too and pin that content – you’ll get more traffic to your website!

Expert Tip: Want to know what your followers are interested in? Use your audience analytics to see what content you can pin outside your main topic.

One massive trend on Pinterest last year was “Athleisure“.

I’d not heard of the term until recently, but it’s taking the Pinterest world by storm.

The industry is worth $41 Billion in the U.S and last year Pinterest saw 21 million pins being posted on the subject (48% UP from the year before :-O )

If you’re not familiar “Athlesiure” is clothing that is designed specifically for working out like yoga trousers, leggings etc. The idea is that the nicer the clothing and the way it looks, the more encouraged people will be to go to the gym, get fit and lead a healthy life style.

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The clothes are styled so that they’re not a gym-specific outfit, some people can even find them wearing them in their workplace (it’s also affecting the Jean market (then “Jeggings” came along!).

If you have the potential to tap into this trend then now is the time to do it. Summer is on it’s way and people are going to be looking on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration in this category.

Pinterest state themselves that pinners look for new ideas for home workout plans and healthy recipes. Tapping into this market with your boards could see a huge increase in your account activity!

Looking at women specifically, Pinterest say that the trend is shifting slightly from women wanting to get skinny to women that want to get strong, focusing on how their body performs as well as how it looks.

Want more board content ideas? Check out our article to get inspired with other trends you can tap into.

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