Pinterest Etiquette a mystery to you? Try out these 7 secrets to making it easy

Pinterest has quite a complicated etiquette and people get quite stressed about it but it’s easy when you break it down 📌

1. The 80/20 Principle

Repin others content more than your own. We suggest 80/20 ratio 20 being your own content 80 being repins your audience would like.

2. Build Relationships First

You can message people that follow you but keep it as a hello and thank you, it’s a nice start to a relationship not a sign to start selling just yet.

3. Don’t Mess with URLs

A change is coming into play where you can’t change pin URL’s unless they’re your own original pin. But if you are able to still change pin URL’s – don’t.

4. Easy on Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are allowed again but with certain rules – be careful how you use them and play by the rules.

5. Follow with Discretion

Follow back if people follow you, but only if you are genuinely interested in them and their content. Remember, they’ll fill your feed and their interaction (or lack of) will affect your Pinterest algorithm results and what you see and who you’re seen by.

6. Make Everyone Feel Welcome

If people comment then always reply, everyone likes to feel welcome.

7. No Flooding of Feeds

Spread your pins out across the day and popular times or you’ll flood other’s feeds and possibly cause them to unfollow you.

If this is tricky for you to do then use a scheduling took like Tailwind. This awesome app not only schedules your pins but does it at smart times that we calculated from all your engagement data. This link will give you a free trial.

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Pin offsite as well as on, go to your fave websites and pin from there directly. Your fellow pinners and businesses will appreciate it.

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