BOOOOOM – are we excited! They’re finally here! Pinterest Buyable Pins are being rolled out as of just a couple of days ago. Here at Pinright we have all the info you need on what it means for the FUTURE of E-commerce and your business.

What You Need To Know

Now, first off, as much as we are excited about this, currently it’s only available to US Pinners – so US pinners get excited and the rest of the world WOAH down on that excitement for just a little bit longer. But remember if it’s launched in the US we can ALL learn from that and be ready when it’s rolled out worldwide.

There’s no word on when the rollout will reach Pinners everywhere (but we have our fingers crossed for next couple of months). Pinterest say they are “working hard” to bring Buyable Pins to Android users but no word on a release date – so again Android users don’t fret we can work out the tough stuff first and it will all be tickety boo when it gets to you.

What They Look Like

You’ll notice Buyable Pins with their blue “Buy it” button next to the classic red “Pin it” button.What Buy It Buttons look like on Pinterest | Pinright

When you are searching for Pins on Pinterest, the Buyable Pins will appear along the top of your screen and you can easily swipe across to see more. If there’s a store you love then you can visit their Pinterest profile and Click “Shop Pins” on the right to see all their buyable pins. Need to filter by price? Pinterest has you covered click the blue filter button in the top right and you can swipe up and down to increase/decrease your budget.

Filter Pinterest Products by Price with Price Filter | Pinright

See this in action at the video below:

If you’re just looking to browse some awesome Products to Pin Buy then hit the search button at the bottom of the app you’ll see “Shop Our Picks”. These are hand picked by Pinterest and are likely going to be the hardest to say no to buying! If you just want to see all the latest pins, then hit “Shop”.

Searching Pinterest for Buyable Pins Recommendations | Pinright

Placing an Order

Remember when we said that Pinterest and Stores would be sharing information? This is where the exchange happens. Without leaving the app you can click to buy the item with Apple Pay or a Credit Card. Once you’ve entered you’re info, it’s saved for future purchases (just like Amazon 1 click ordering).

Placing an Order on Pinterest with Buyable Pins | Pinright

See a demo from Pinterest in their video below:

Saving Pins for Later

If you’ve found the product of your dreams but you’re not quite ready to buy then you can still Pin the product to one of your boards. If there’s options within the product (i.e. colour, size etc.) then you can Pin the exact style and option that you like the look of. OH MY it’s like wish list and watch functions all rolled into the loveliness of Pinterst – swooooon!

Product Options on Buyable Pins on Pinterest | Pinright

See Pinterest’s Demo of choosing product options below:

Change the Face of Ecommerce

I don’t think we’re being over dramatic when we say that “this could change e-commerce on the internet”. We already mentioned how 87% of Pinterest users say they have purchased something they discovered while Pinning. With crazy figures like that, why wouldn’t this be a game changer? Take note people, there’s never been a better time to focus on your Pinterest Account. Want our help? Get in touch and see how WE can grow your followers, increase your traffic and ensure your Account is ready for the Pinterest Revolution.

Before we say goodbye, we have to share the promo video for Buyable Pins from Pinterest. It had us feeling all warm inside : )