Pinterest Add’s “Showcase” to Business Profiles

Noticed anything different about your Pinterest Business Account recently?

Right at the top of your profile, there’s a brand new section – Showcase. It’s designed to show your visitors your best content right from the start. It’s chosen and selected by you so have a product on offer? Add it to showcase. Have a seasonal treat that only applies this month? Add it to showcase.

It’s the first thing a visitor will see so be sure to add content that is welcoming and engaging.

What can you showcase?

You’ll get 5 slots for Pinterest Boards that you’ve created. These will rotate every few seconds on screen to keep people engaged (think of it like a slider you would have on your website or shop).

If you’re in the U.S and lucky enough to have Buyable Pins enabled on your account then you can also add them to the “shop” slot. Brilliant for running limited time sales and grabbing quick conversions! Unfortunately if you’re like us and live anywhere other than the U.S, this feature will have to remain unused (for the time being!).

At the moment you can only change your showcase on the Pinterest website. However they did add the ability to change your board covers on the app and the showcase will appear the same across all platforms.

What are you waiting for? Head over to your business profile and set up your showcase!

Don’t have a Pinterest Business Account? Follow the steps in our set up guide here.