How To Pin To Your Customer’s Interests Using Popular Categories

Learn how to Pin to your customer’s interests by using the popular categories on Pinterest. Gain new followers and see the potential from our article.

This breakdown can help everyone as I know the popular categories and pinning for your customers can be the hardest nut to crack.

This example applies to a jewellery account but obviously change it up for your own industry.

Use your title theme across all of your boards or not at all, if it’s doesn’t ‘feel’ right on all of them I wouldn’t do it.

But think about the board name “pasta pasta pasta”

Yes it’s interesting, but who would be likely to search pasta pasta pasta?

You’re niche is jewellery so unless you know for certain that your demographic only like pasta then don’t miss the power of the most popular category on Pinterest – Food & Drink.

Think broader with your content so that it aligns to the popular categories as that ultimately will give you more to pin and bring more people to you.

Every single board you have should be 100% aligned to what you know your customers like. If you want to learn more about your followers interests, look at your Audience Analytics (you’ll need a business account to get access to these).

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For what you’ve mentioned above with the name “Adorned” you could do:

Adorned Style – women’s fashion

Adorned cuisine – food & drink

Adorned interiors – home decor

Adorned exteriors – gardening

Adorned images – photography

Notice how each sub title is the exact term for the Pinterest categories from the drop down menu. These are searched more than any other method on Pinterest so using them is powerful.

But the most important thing you can do is create and pin for your ideal customer, pin what they want from what you know about them.

NOT what you might personally like or what you THINK your customers like.

Do some research think about their likes and lifestyles and income. If anything doesn’t fit into that then cut it out or merge it into another board.

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