It's Official: Promoted Pins Arrive in the UK! Drive Huge Amounts of Traffic To Your Website with Pinterest Ads

Boost your exposure and gain targeted traffic with Promoted Pins from Pinterest – Now available in the UK!

We reported a month ago that Pinterest’s Promoted Pins arrived in Europe – it turns out how we got this option on our account could have possibly been a glitch as we heard nothing from Pinterest about them being live…

..until now!

On Pinterest’s Official Blog, they state they have arrived in the U.K and you can apply today!

Why this is huge for the UK

Pinterest state that in the past year, Pinterest activity has grown by 50%.

Each day 3 MILLION Pins are being saved by UK Pinners – a whopping 2.2 BILLION in total over the last 3 years.

Want to know the most popular categories here in the UK?


Food & drink

Home decor

DIY and travel

How to apply

Apply for Promoted Pins by going to (you’ll need a business account).

Unlike before when we stumbled upon the glitch and could only choose US Dollars as a currency, you can now select Pounds Sterling

Pinterest Promoted Pins Ads Welcome Screen

After selecting your currency, you’ll be presented with a series of screens, like a mini tour of what you can expect.

Welcome Screen

Hit next to work through the tour, here’s what to expect to see.

Measure Performance with Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins have a great way to measure your performance by comparing what works to save money.

Optimise your pinterest promoted pins camapigns with reminders

You can even schedule reminders to adjust your bids and budget in order to gain maximum exposure from your campaigns.

see metrics and monitor your promoted pin campaigns

Another great feature – in depth reports and metrics allowing you to understand what’s working and how that boost in traffic is converting.

learn with analytics which promoted pins your audience loves

You’ll be able to understand which pins are working and which ones your audience loves – man we can’t wait!

Hit Get Started and be presented with your dashboard.

Pinterest promoted pins ad manager once logged in

So what are you waiting for? Head over to and start promoting!