You’ve snagged and set yourself up a Pinterest business account and now you are ready to get a rich pin swag over on your Pinterest account.

“Rich pins”? You’re probably thinking it sounds like a woman with fat legs, wrong. Rich pins are Pins that include extra information right on the Pin itself. There are 6 types of Rich Pins:

  • app
  • movie
  • recipe
  • article
  • product
  • place

Maybe it just sounds too techy or like something you don’t need to bother doing but without your account being verified you can’t access rich pins. You might not have heard of rich pins yet as it’s still a majorly underused feature of Pinterest business accounts but is oh so worth you getting some of in your business life!

It takes your pins to another level and makes them look spectacular and even includes calls to action with a button suggesting people click it to read more that takes them directly to your website. Not enough businesses have realised the potential of this, so get ahead of the pack and really harness the power of pinterest.

In this article we’re going to focus on Article Rich Pins and how to set them up with WordPress (Psst – It’s REALLY EASY).

Step 1 – Verify Your Website on Pinterest

Log into your Pinterest Account and click on Edit Profile

edit profile

At the bottom of the menu, enter your website into the “Verify Website” box.

verify website pinterest

Click Verify Website to get your unique, one of a kind “Meta Tag”.

meta tag for verification on pinterest

Copy your Meta Tag. Then head over to your WordPress site.

Step 2 – WordPress Plugin Install

Log into your WordPress Dashboard and Go To Plugins > Add New.

install new plugin wordpress 4.3

Type in the search field “Yoast”. We’re looking for the Yoast SEO plugin and so typing in Yoast will bring it up (if you’re like me you’re too lazy to type anything more in :P)

search keyword yoast

install yoast seo plugin

Click Install Now and Activate the Plugin.

Once it’s installed go to the SEO menu in the bottom left and Click on Social.

social setting on seo yoast plugin wordpress

Click on Pinterest along the top and Paste in the Meta Tag into the Verification box.

Pinterest option on seo yoast plugin

verify pinterest url in seo yoast plugin

Head back to Pinterest and click “Complete Verification”.

complete verification on pinterest

Step 3 – Validate and Approval

Now that you’re website’s verified on your account. Click Here to go to the RichPins Validator page.

validate url in richpins validator

Paste in any URL from one of your Blog Posts and Click Validate.

Pin has been validated by richpins

The page will refresh and you should receive the message that your pin has been validated. Click Apply Now.

enable richpins after validation

Leave the Date Format as HTML Tags and click Apply Now. You’ll then receive the message saying that your application is being reviewed. Check your inbox!

richpin application approval

The process is pretty much instant and by the time you’ve loaded your emails, one from Pinterest should be waiting for you! (Congrats btw :))

richpins application has been approved

See? We told you it was easy.

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