How To Reach Men on Pinterest | Male Pinterest Users Double in 2014

More Men in the United States use Pinterest each month than read GQ Magazine and Sports Illustrated combined.

If that’s not a sign that the male population are latching onto Pinterest, I don’t know what is! Oh also, in 2014 the number of male Pinterest users DOUBLED.

Let’s throw in one last one: there’s close to an even 50/50 split in male and female users in Korea, India and Japan (all these facts courtesy of Pinterest).

Things are evening out in the Pinterest world, and surprisingly, the content still revolves around female-dominated categories. More Pins are being focused towards women than men, so isn’t it time your business started targeting the niche?

What I Use Pinterest For

As a Pinterest user since the beginning, I’ve used it to plan birthday’s, stag dos (Bachelor Parties for U.S readers), get a last minute new recipe to impress a girl and build a dream board for travel destinations. I have to say my most commonly used categories are Food and Fashion. I’ve literally been shopping and had Pinterest in one hand and my credit card in the other, if I can’t get that product online, I’m getting it in a store. What am I trying to say? Pinterest absolutely WORKS for men too.

And it’s the fastest-growing demographic on Pinterest so jump on this bandwagon early and get promoting pins for us blokes.

What’s Popular

According to Pinterest’s research, the most popular categories right now are:

I’m all up for seeing funny gifs and quotes, but let’s not forget what Pinterest is designed for: being creative, getting ideas and getting sh*t done – that’s why I’d personally miss out the Humor category so you don’t get distracted for hours 😝

Pick three from the above that can be related to your business and create a secret board. When you’ve hit at least 25 awesome pins (yours and others), unveil it to the world!

Feel Pinspired

Want some Pinspiration? Pinterest recommend checking out how these guys do it to target men:

Want to see what I’m pinning to my boards? Check out my personal account here.

Not 100% sure on how to use Pinterest? Check out our amazing Pinterest for Business Training Course.