If your looking to build up the top quality pins from all over the web (and your own website). You COULD log into Pinterest and manually add the pins OR you could install the really useful Pin it Browser button. In this article, we’re going to show you the quick steps to get it installed.

Step 1 – Install the Button

Head over to the Pinterest Browser Button link and click on “Get our browser button”.

get our browser button

Depending on the browser will depend on what image displays next to the button, in the example above it’s firefox.

Step 2 – Click Allow

You will then be prompted to whether you wish to “allow” the button to install (hint: you do). Click Allow!

allow pin it button install

If you get a second box come up asking to Install Now. Go ahead!

install now prompt pin it button

That’s it! You’ll now see a confirmation window and the Pin it button in the top right of your browser.

confirmation of pin it button install firefox

Now whatever page you’re visiting, you can click this button and pin straight to one of your boards and the pin will link directly back to the page you’re on! It makes life so much easier and quicker pinning posts from your website.

pin it button on firefox

Also when you hover over images, you’ll see this Pin it button!

Pin it button Bill Murray says you're awesome.. (Y)

Congrats. You’re now awesome.

Note: Safari Users

Macs are awesome and Safari is the top browser to Mac users. Saying that, there’s 1 additional thing you will have to do.

When you click “Get our browser button” click the Downloads Button in the top right. Click on the Pin it button.

safari install pin it button

safari install pin it button confirm box

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