There’s a lot of Buzz around Pinterest recently, even more than before! With the introduction of Buyable Pins (coming to the US first), they’ve taken steps to become a search & discover GIANT.

Here at Pinright it doesn’t take much to get us excited but the big reveal of “Flashlight” for Pinterest had us bouncing around the office the possibilities are that huge! It’s a BIG deal – so pull up a chair!

Get Your Business Discovered in a More Visual Way

“Flashlight” has the potential to completely change the way we all discover new products. But also, more importantly as businesses, how people find your products and services. Let’s outline it in basic terms before we bombard you with screenshots and videos.

Say you’re looking at a stunning pin of someone’s living room and you REALLY like the look of the handbag in the bottom right hand corner. Hit the flashlight button at the top and highlight the area with the handbag. BOOM! You will be shown pins with the closest matches to that Handbag, thus leading to a spontaneous well thought out purchase.

What Does it Mean For You & Your Business?

What this groundbreaking tool means for you and your business is that the world of search is changing and you are going to be way before everyone else with realising that. Just being on Pinterest as a business puts your streets ahead.

By being on Pinterest you are not only going to be discovered through the newsfeed and searches but now potentially anyone seeing your contents products or services can use this facility to get to you faster. It’s another trail of breadcrumbs leading straight back to you and your brand.

By understanding this potential you can use the power of it to think creatively and use your product images to really showcase items that will be found through more than how you describe them. Finally you can tell a visual story with your images that is truly searchable.

Here’s a couple of stills from their video demonstrating the tool.

Flashlight for Pinterest reveals Product Discovery | Pinright

Shazam for the Eyes

Notice they’ve highlighted the frames in the middle of the picture and up pops a selection of pins closely matching the highlighted area. How exciting is that! It’s like SHAZAM but for STUFF!

Highlight an image in Pinterest to Discovery Products | Pinright

In this example they’ve done the same with flowers. Crazeballs right?

Get Savvy With VSEO Before Everyone Else

This introduces business owners to a whole new world of opportunity and importance of VSEO (Visual Search Engine Optimisation). Sure Google heavily revolves around Text Based SEO, in our opinion, this is the future of content and product discovery. If they can do this with images, what if they could eventually put the technology into youtube videos(!!) – mindmelt but in oh such a good way.

Flashlight is coming and is still being tested. When it’s here, it’s going to be even more important to have great looking pins that include your awesome products!

Watch this Pinterest demo video of Flashlight, skip to 1:26:13 and you’ll get straight to it. If we discover stuff like this before everyone else imagine what else we can show you – sign up for our newsletter for more Pintastic Tips straight to your inbox before the madding crowds!