Since setting up her Pinterest Account on 30th June, Hilary Clinton looks to be setting a new trend. Publicly showing off her lifestyle on Pinterest. Since then, there have been articles cropping up every day on various sites talking about it.

“First Draft | Hillary Clinton’s Softer Side Shows Up on Pinterest”

“10 Life Lessons We Learned From Hillary Clinton’s New Pinterest Page”

“Here’s What To Expect From Hillary Clinton’s Pinterest Account”

“Hillary Clinton flaunts ‘hair Inspiration’ on newly launched Pinterest page”

But why are we obsessed with learning about her lifestyle and new hair inspiration?

Firstly, credit where credit is due, this is a brilliant move to engage with exactly her target audience. As we already know, almost 80% of the users on Pinterest are women and are likely to engage with her content, therefore increasing her popularity.

She’s also the first public figure that we’ve noticed really showcasing her Pinterest Account. She’s linking her Pinterest posts with Twitter, spreading the message to her 3.82 Million Followers. It also makes her current, modern and relevant, perhaps even the trendsetter……..

Much like the reason we follow celebrities on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we want an insight into their lives. We are so intrigued by what they’re doing, what they’re eating and it seems, what hairstyles they like..

Beginning of a New Trend

Judging by the amount of traction Hilary’s move to Pinterest has received, don’t be surprised to see more public figures and celebrities brandishing and publicising their Pinterest accounts. Just think, rather than look at photos on instagram of your favourite celeb in amazing outfits, you could follow a board of all the fashion styles they take their inspiration from. See what recipes take their fancy and be inspired to try them yourself.

When Pinterest moved to verified accounts from verified websites, it was the catalyst for more celebs and public figures to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon.

What does it mean for the future?

The only down side we can see (especially with Buyable Pins coming) is the HUGE amount of sponsorship and advertising that will come from Celebrities. There’s something interesting seeing their organic interests, but as soon as we start getting spammed with paid “repins” on their account, it could all turn a bit “fake”. Sponsored Tweets and Posts are popular now amongst other social media platforms (although we may not always notice it). Let’s hope it doesn’t happen with Pinterest!

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P.S. Hilary if you’re reading this, we’ve taken a look at your account and we think it could do with a bit of tweaking and a shakedown from us so if you want to get in touch – we’d be happy to help šŸ˜‰