Build Brand Awareness Through CPM Campaigns On Pinterest Ads

Pinterest have rolled out a new way to Promote Pins using CPM. It’s a great cost effective alternative to build brand awareness.

Previously if you wanted to promote pins on Pinterest then you would have 2 options to choose from:

  • Engagement – Pay if someone expands/repins/saves your pin.
  • Traffic – Pay if someone clicks your pin and goes through to your website.

Pinterest have now added a new option to the list – “Awareness”, in other words – CPM.

New Awareness Campaigns in Pinterest Promoted Pins CPM

What is CPM?

CPM is Cost Per Thousand (M is the Roman Numeral for 1,000). This means that you will pay per thousand impressions (people that see your ad). You are purely paying for those that see your ad, not for clicks or closeups or repins.

Boost brand awareness using cost per thousand impressions on promoted pins

Why choose this option?

This type of Promoted Pins campaign is fantastic for brand awareness, if you want people to be browsing Pinterest for ideas or projects and you want your brand to stand out and catch their attention then this will work brilliantly.

If people keep seeing your brand pop up on their feeds then they are going to become more aware of who you are and possibly engage more with your profile, boosting your followers and then even traffic to your website.

You can specify how many times you want someone to see your campaign too, so they’re not constantly seeing you appear. Pinterest say that this method will boost all your metrics – followers, engagement and traffic.

Does it work?

We’re going to try running a campaign with a client using CPM and see what results we achieve. We’ll let you know how we get on!

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