Breaking news has revealed what could be a major game changer for businesses on Pinterest. Hold on to your pins because…. BUY NOW buttons are coming to Pinterest.

We already revealed in a previous post, the extraordinary stats behind Pinterest users. 93% of active pinners have used Pinterest as a planning tool for things to buy. The stats tower so high above the rest of other social media platforms that it was enevitable that “Buy Now” buttons would arrive eventually.

buy now buttons on pinterest

Unlike a previous report that detailed Pinterest would take payments on it’s own platform, now the reports are indicating that buy now buttons would work by being deeply integrated into retailers like Amazon.

As an example, if you’re looking at a Pin of someone’s recipe, you could click Buy Now and all the ingredients will be added to a Shopping Cart directly within Amazon, and all you need to do is checkout – cool eh?

add pinterest item to amazon wishlist

Another example revealed the ability to add a product directly to your Amazon wish list from within the Pin. This kind of integration will turn Pinterest into a shopping discovery engine even more and has the power to drive more sales from Business Pinterest accounts. By taking people directly to the checkout stage, they’re cutting out the steps required by the user – boosting sales.

Pintastic Future

There’s still a little way to go before we start seeing these pop up on our Pins as Pinterest are still in talks with Partners to enable integration.

Imagine what a Buy Now button can do for your business on Pinterest. Your customers are on there already, they are planning big life events, you will be pinning properly because we have shown you how to. They WILL come across your pins so imagine the power of them having an immediate call to action. No clicking through several times to get to your product but an immediate buy now option to take them straight to it. Hurry up Pinterest we can’t wait!


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