Pin Boost Your Traffic from Pinterest by More than 30% With Your Very Own App

Companies are finding a massive boost in traffic coming to and from their Pinterest Profile by developing new apps for Pins on Pinterest.

The announcement was made via Pinterest’s Engineering Blog by Software Engineer Zack Argyle (who by the way, looks way too cool to be a geek and looks freakishly close to Zac Morris (Saved by the Bell.. anyone…?).

What Does it Mean

In the announcement, Pinterest unveiled their Developer Sandbox. What does this mean? An easy way to develop apps and integrataions which enhance your pins on Pinterest. The enhancements can encourage more traffic to your website or give out personal recommendations to your followers.

Before the unveil, you had to be granted access by Pinterest to do such things but now their opening their doors to anyone. Even with the closed doors, over 5,000 submissions were sent to Pinterest to create and develop apps so expect this number to hit the roof now that’s it free rein.

What Can it do for Your Business?

So far companies like Polyvore say it has boosted traffic from Pinterest by 35% and the amount of pins repinned from their account has increased 10 times! IFTTT have also reported a 33% increase week after week.

For the techies amongst you that want a full breakdown of what data and tasks, the apps you develop can handle, see below or for the full list click here.


– PDK.login({ scope: ‘read_public’ }, callback);

GET: Fetch profile


GET: Fetch boards

GET: Fetch a board’s Pins

POST: Create a new Pin

POST: Make the user follow another user

If you want to view a sample App (Recommended before you start developing) click here.

In the sample App, you can click the Pinterest icon and see it asks to connect with your Pinterest account to access your pins, boards, profile information and even create boards on your behalf.

Sample App Screenshot

Sample App Screenshot

Let’s throw in an example of how this could be used, you’re shopping on Zara and you’ve clicked the button to integrate your Pinterest account. You’re browsing online and have a “wishlist” of items you want to buy. Click a button and the “Zara” app will create an entire board with pins of those products (note: Zara’s just an example, they don’t have a Pinterest app (as far as we know)).

It’s crazy to think how fast Pinterest is growing and if they keep releasing initiatives like this one, they’re going to be maybe THE leading search engine discovery tool (yes I dare say they could rival Google in the future!).

If this excited you and you want to learn more about how to leverage Pinterest for your business check out our Pinterest for Business training.