5 Tips For Using Pinterest For Business To Gain Free Targeted Traffic To Your Website

Let’s be honest. If your business isn’t on Pinterest, you’re missing out.

Missing out on what? I hear you ask.

Free Traffic.

How? Well that’s a totally different subject. But in this article we’re going to assume that you have got a Pinterest Business Account and give you 5 Tips on how to use it for Business.

#1 Join the Party

Now that you’re on Pinterest, you can join the masses that are inspiring and motivating creators all over the world. Even though it’s not a social network, there is a great sense of community and ways to collaborate with other users.

Group Boards are perfect for increasing your own exposure but also helping out someone by adding to their collection of awesome content.

A lot of boards will require approval first but that’s good, they care enough about what’s being posted and won’t let any old riff raff in. Make sure you’ve got an awesome optimised account before you submit the request!

Once you’re in, don’t spam the board with your own products. Pin content that is genuinely relevant to the audience. Cheap sales tactics here won’t work, you have to be genuine.

#2 Pin the Right Size

Portrait images work best on Pinterest. A good ratio to start off with is 700 pixels by 1400 pixels. Anymore and your pin will turn into an “Expanded Pin”, encouraging the user to tap the image to see the full size.

Note: Expanded pins work great for how to’s and recipes.

Landscape images will still look good on Pinterest but bare in mind majority of people use Pinterest on their Phones and Tablets and will mainly scroll in Portrait mode.

#3 Avoid Spamming

If there’s a time of day you set aside to work on your account, don’t pin everything at that time. Use Scheduling Tools to spread your pins throughout the day. We suggest an 80/20 rule (80% other content, 20% your own) and schedule around 25 pins per day.

Note: Get a Free 30 day trial of Tailwind’s Pinterest Scheduling App Here!

#4 Pin for your Ideal Customer

This doesn’t mean pin all your own products! Create and optimise your boards around your customer’s interests. For example, your blog or shop might be about Jewellery, but your ideal customer is also into Food, Fashion and Photography.

Create a board with your products in and make that top of the list, then create a board on Women’s Fashion which you would pin other peoples content to and thrown in some of your own pins as well.

You can spread out your products/articles in more than one board (if you do, we suggest using a different image each time, you don’t want to seem spammy!). But only as long as the content is relevant to the board, i.e. no putting jewellery in your food boards .

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#5 Embed your Pins

If you want to create a full circle experience (i.e. customer finds you on Pinterest, visits your site, then sees more pins and go backs to Pinterest, the visits your site etc.. ) make it easy for them to find other interesting pins on your website.

The easiest way to do this is to embed pins and boards onto your website. Sure Pinterest can drive traffic to your website for free, but you’ll also want to return the favour and send some traffic back their way. After all, you want some more repins right?

There’s just 5 tips for using Pinterest for Business but there’s SO much more you can do which we cover in our Pinterest for Business Training Course.

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