How awesome must it be to work at a company like Pinterest? They recently raised a total of $553 Million at a fund raising event. With over 200 employees worldwide, they’re growing at a super fast rate. But what was it like when there was only 3 young blokes with an idea? Here’s 3 things we learned from a recent article about life at Pinterest.

Celebrate – It Doesn’t Matter How, Just Celebrate

Yash Nelapati was one of the founding engineers at Pinterest (now a MUCH higher position) and describes how when they reached 1 Million pins on their website, Ben Silbermann (CEO) bought “Five Bagels and a Breadstick” and said “Time to celebrate!”. Hey, they were just starting out so it’s no lunch at The Ritz but it was still a celebration.

Very often as business owners, we have a goal, hit it, and immediately think about what’s next. We rarely take time to pat ourselves on the back and celebrate hitting the goal we set. So, next time you do a good job and hit a milestone, get in some bagels or go out for drinks. Celebrate!

Bad Day? Cheer Yourself Up By Doing Something Fun

There were times when CEO Ben would come back from meetings trying to raise money for the start up and was feeling pretty low. Yash described how they’d pick themselves up and “spend the afternoon playing tennis and drinking beer”. Sounds good to me! A great way to snap yourself out of that discouraging mood.

Apparently this tradition has been carried over in a similar vain now with “Happy Hour Fridays” at the office where the staff can question CEO Ben. Being an accessible and relatable CEO is probably one of the reasons Pinterest are doing so well.

Play Awesome Music & Dance Like a Nutter!

According to Yash in the early days when he launched a new piece of code, Evan Sharp (Co-Founder) would play “Push It” by Salt-n-Pepa loudly and dance around! I can just picture the kind of craziness that would happen in the Pinterest start up office and it sounds amazing – it pretty much sounds like the Pinright office at times! So why not incorporate some craziness into your business, chill out, celebrate and HAVE FUN!

Go on, hit play below and start dancing. You know you want to.

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