They key difference with Pinterest over other social media platforms is that people come to Pinterest to Buy.

It’s like window shopping and abandoning the shopping cart, but with a twist – a super shiny fabulously POSITIVE twist. Shoppers pin items to their board for a later day, to plan, to create, to decide over but altogether increasing the chance of buying in the future.

Add to that the amazing goodness of Rich Pins with calls to action, favicons, extracts and post titles all to provide the necessary information to tease people to click through there and then or to lure them back when they come back to the board or pin at a later point. Clever huh?

Shopify recently released some research carried out on their stores with Pinterest users.

“87% of Pinterest users say they have purchased something they discovered while Pinning.”

It’s safe to say, if you sell online, you should be on Pinterest.

Not only this but according to Shopify, each user spends on average $50 which is higher than any other social platform – BOOM! Let’s get you some of that !

The Rise of Mobile Ordering

With Google’s recent punishment for non-mobile optimised sites, the importance of having a mobile friendly website is higher than ever.

Shopify’s analytics say that mobile ordering from Pinterest has increased since 2013 from 33% to a whopping 80%! People are browsing and buying more on the go and Pinterest is their go to choice for planning and curating for those purchases.

Check out Shopify’s awesome infographic:

shopify and pinterest infographic

On average, a Pin is repinned 11 times and over 50% of the traffic generated from that Pin happens after 3 Months, making pins pretty much evergreen which doesn’t happen on any other social media platform. Even more reason to up your Pinning and make time to spruce up your boards and account. If you make time in your day for Pinterest, the long term benefits are huge.

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