Everyone wants more traffic right?

That’s a given – but not everyone realises the benefit of that traffic being targeted

By that we mean people who will actually be interested in your products, who are your ideal customers and not just some random people who will not be interested in what you have to say or sell.

How do visitors to your website find you?

Where does your website traffic come from?

If you are paying for it chances are you will be pretty au fait with where it comes from and how it converts.

Even if you don’t pay for it chances are you know your best sources and how they convert into sales and where your focus should be.

Traffic for websites should never be a problem because ultimately you can always buy it..

..but buying the right traffic is what makes the difference to the bottom line of your sales.


Have you tried advertising on Instagram yet? We’ll be honest, the targeting sucks (at the moment).

With the rising costs in Facebook Ads, you’re going to need a new way to get super-targeted traffic to your website that fits in with your existing content strategy.

Finding sources of FREE and abundant traffic these days is really the holy grail.

Welcome to Pinterest.

Wait.. you’re not using Pinterest?

Maybe you think it’s for chicks, or for those “crafty” kinds of products..

Let me you it’s a TRAFFIC generating POWERHOUSE that is waiting to be tapped into.

OK, in 3 short stats we’ll sum up the power of Pinterest:

  1. 97% of people use Pinterest to plan purchases or key life events (they’re going there with an intention to buy)
  2. 87% of people have PURCHASED something because they’ve seen it on Pinterest (INSANE conversion numbers)
  3. There’s only approximately 500,000 businesses using Pinterest (how many are on Facebook? Millions? 10s of Millions?)

Note: Pinterest is not a social network, it’s a search discovery tool. There’s a big difference, people go there to plan and buy.

You want to know the best part of all this?

The traffic is FREE.

Nada, nothing, ZERO cost to your business…

And unlike Facebook Posts or Tweets that get lost in a matter of minutes or hours. Pins on Pinterest go on generating traffic at NO COST, forever.

“But wait!” I hear you say… “what the heck is a “Pin”?”

Pins are images that you have created which link back to content on your website. You “pin” them to a board on Pinterest making it searchable amongst 100 million active monthly users all waiting to plan and buy.

The better your “Pins” are, the more likely other users will “repin” your content to their own boards…

…therefore advertising YOUR content, for FREE.

You don’t have to come up with any new content either. You can get free, targeted traffic and use yourexisting content strategy.

Because there are only 500,000 businesses on Pinterest, it’s still an open game. We’ll bet your competitors don’t even know about it…

“This is going to be a lot of work, I bet you need to be active 10 hours a day!”


Setting up an account takes minutes. Posting just 10 Pins a day will see a HUGE return.

“Woah, 10 PINS a DAY!”

Still sound like a lot of work? We can show you how to use scheduling tools that will nail that work down inless than 1 hour per week.

FREE, Targeted Traffic for less than 1 hour’s work a week.

If you get on this now, you’ll also be ready for their Paid option (“Promoted Pins” – coming soon to the UK. Currently US Only).

Imagine getting all this ROI for free and THEN pushing your budget through it?

At this point you might be thinking:

  1. How do I set up an account to win?
  2. How do I know what to pin, what time and where?

Let’s deal with Number 1.

If you’re setting up an account from scratch or converting a personal account, our Ultimate Pinterest Set Up Guide will walk you through every step of the way.

Inside you’ll find 7 Training Videos:

  • Video 1 – What you need to know
  • Video 2 – Setting up a Business Account
  • Video 3 – Setting a Profile Logo
  • Video 4 – Keywords and Board Descriptions
  • Video 5 – Keywords and Pin Descriptions
  • Video 6 – Repin Descriptions
  • Video 7 – Training Summary

You can get all 7 Videos and get set up with an account to deliver you free, targeted traffic for just.. $49 $7.

Set up a Pinterest Business Account that Drives Targeted Traffic to your Website NOW!

Follow our Step by Step Video and get your own Pinterest Business Account for FREE.

Onto Number 2..

Everything you need to know about optimising and creating a Pinterest account that CONVERTS is covered in our Pinterest for Business Training Course.

There’s 9 Core Video Modules walking you through understanding Pinterest and how to leverage it’s power to continue to drive free traffic to your website.

In 3 months, our account went from 0 to 20k followers..

Pinright Pinterest Account Growth Over 3 Months | Pinright

On the course, you’ll cover:

  • Module 1 – All about Pinterest
  • Module 2 – Pinterest Basics
  • Module 3 – Setting Up Your Pinterest Profile
  • Module 4 – Setting Up Boards
  • Module 5 – How To Pin
  • Module 6 – Rich Pins
  • Module 7 – Create Pins
  • Module 8 – When & How Much To Pin
  • Module 9 – Optimising Your Website for Pinterest

This training normally sells for $297 but for a limited time only you can get your copy for just $157, that’s almost 50% OFF!

Pinterest for Business Training Course

Get our 9 Module Video Training and learn how to drive hyper-targeted traffic (for FREE) back to your website with work that takes less than 1 hour per week.

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If you don’t get onto Pinterest soon and take advantage of the free, targeted traffic it has to offer then your competitors will.

It won’t be too late, but it will be more work.

Have any questions? Leave us a comment below or get in touch by email.