This week Pinterest sent out a mailshot to all it’s users notifying us of changes to their Privacy Policy. This change comes with the imminent arrival of “Buyable Pins” to US Pinners that use Pinterest on iPhone and iPad.

What Does it Mean?

Pinterest revealed that when a user buys something using a buyable pin, some “payment and contact info” will be shared with Pinterest so that they can complete the order. What this data is we’re not sure of, yet – but we are one step nearer to knowing more about buyable pins so that can only be a good thing.


How Will it Work?

We know that there’s going to be some pretty deep integration with third parties such as Amazon and Shopify so our guess is that sensitive data is going to be flying around and shared in some way.

They go on to say that this “info” will also be stored for future purchases (this could possibly be like Amazon’s one-click ordering).

Promoted Pins

Buyable Pins are also going to improve the current “Promoted Pins” advertising service (currently only available in the US). For example if someone buys a Tent then they will show the user other outdoor products relevant to the item purchased. If the pinner wants to opt out of having their purchase information used then they can hide their purchases under “Order History”.

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