Save Yourself Time and Effort

Pinterest is all about the visuals. It’s changing how we search and discover new ideas and content across the web. And because it’s all about the images, it’s so so important that you have high quality, high resolution pins. You want to make a good first impression right?

Portrait images look great on Pinterest, we know that, but you’ll notice that the board covers are landscape. It’s hard to pick the right pin to be the cover because it won’t look right if they’re all Portrait shots. So often we see low resolution, tiny images being pinned to Pinterest. This isn’t doing your brand any favours and drastically reducing the chances of them being repinned. But how big do you need to make your board covers, pins and logo?

Here’s One We Made Earlier

Here’s where we have a treat for you. We got fed up of having to try and remember all the best image sizes for Pinterest so we created this FREE Pinterest Dimensions Cheat Sheet to tell you what size Pinterest uses for each element.

A FREE Pinterest Pin Dimensions Cheat Sheet. Don't struggle trying to find or remember the optimum pin or profile dimensions we have them all here in this one fantastic cheat sheet. Download it and pin it to a board so you can always have easy reference to it. For more Pinterest tips and training go to

We highly recommend downloading and saving the guide (click the link then right click on the image and choose save) or pinning it 😉

Key Points to Remember:

  • Logo: 165 x 165 pixels (Get Our FREE Pinterest Logo Template)
  • Pin size in News Feed: 238 pixels x any height (it will automatically adjust depending on size)
  • Expanded Pins: 735 pixels x  any height (it will automatically adjust depending on size)
  • Board Cover: 217 x 146 pixels
  • Images on your Websites Minimum: 100 x 200 pixels

So ditch any low res images on your Pinterest account and upload bigger, crisper pins for your audience to drool over. If you’d like more Pinterest Tips, grab our FREE Ultimate Pinterest Checklist.

(Psst: one last little tip, expanded pins have a higher click through rate because people love curiosity and want to see the rest of the image. You’re welcome 🙂 )