Promoted Pins are already available in the U.S and have been getting Pinterest Users incredible results. Of all the advertising options out there – Facebook Ads, Promoted Tweets, even Google Adwords; Pinterest is out performing them all. But how?

Pinterest has 3 options for using Promoted Pins:

  • CPC – Cost Per Click
  • CPM – Cost Per Mile (this is per 1,000 Impressions)
  • CPE – Cost Per Engagement *New*

It’s this last option “Cost Per Engagement” that could be the game changer. If you’re familiar with Google’s Cost Per Conversion feature (i.e. Cost Per Lead/Sale), this is a similar addition for Pinterest.

Before we break down how Pinterest are going to engage Pinners, let us first share some interesting information straight from Pinterest’s blog post.

When a Pinner is browsing through the feed, they might come across a promoted pin for a tent. This might inspire them to pin it to their camping board. They might even be inspired to create a new secret board and start planning a whole camping trip. This is what Pinterest is designed for, to inspire others to take positive action and discover products and places suited to their interests.

“..our research has revealed that this scenario reflects typical Pinner behaviour.”

Pinterest have unveiled 3 solutions to their Promoted Pins ads that are clearly illustrated by their infographic below.

How Pinterest are using Promoted Pins to Increase Engagement and Reduce Costs | Pinright


The first level focuses on awareness and CPM (Cost Per Mile (1,000 Impressions)). This is getting your pins out to your target audience and having as many people see your pins as possible, this is what you’re paying for.

Not intent with just showing your pins to new pinners, Pinterest have introduced beautiful new “Cinematic Pins” which move as you scroll through your feed. Stop scrolling and they stop moving. Pinterest call them “thumb-stoppers” and once you’ve seen their video below, you’ll agree.

We can wait to start seeing these pop up on our feeds and also create them ourselves! Forget animated gifs, these are much more engaging!


The next layer to their infographic focuses on Intention – CPC (Cost Per Click). Measure your Pins activity by Repins, Closeups and Clicks through to your website. This is a basic model that all ad platforms work with and naturally Pinterest are going to include this as likely their most popular option.


Perhaps just as exciting as their new “Cinematic Pins” is the Cost Per Engagement option of Pinterest Promoted Pins. This is where you pay based on whether a user has taken action.

80% of Pinners use Pinterest on a mobile device and that number grows every day.

Do you have a great app? Pinterest are now going to allow you to promote your App Pins and pay depending on whether a user has clicked through and actually installed your App. That level of integration is incredibly useful for developers and a great addition to their ad platform.

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