So you’ve got a really amazing Pinterest account and an equally amazing website. How to you drive traffic from one to the other? Well, you could use the pin it browser button to get people from Pinterest to your website. But how can you get people to follow your Pinterest account that are on your website?

If you’re using WordPress, we’re going to show you how.

Step 1 – Install Pinterest Widgets

Log into your WordPress website and go to Plugins on the left and “Add New”

install new plugin wordpress 4.3

Type “Pinterest Widgets” in the Search bar and press Enter.

pinterest widgets search plugins wordpress

The top result should be this one, click “Install Now” and Activate once installed.

pinterest widgets plugin on wordpress

Step 2 – Choose Your Widget

No, we’re not about to head into battle. We’re now ready to pick what Pinterest Widget you’d like on your Sidebar. On the left, click “Widgets” under the “Appearance” tab.

widgets option under appearance on wordpress

You can have one or all of the options below.

pinterest widgets available for your sidebar on wordpress

Let’s start with the Pinterest Board Widget.

Step 3 – Customising the Pinterest Board in your Sidebar

Click and Drag the Pinterest Board Widget to your sidebar on the right. You’ll see plenty of options as shown below.

pinterest board widget options sidebar

Enter a title for the Pinterest Board (this is optional) and paste in the URL of the board you want to show. You’ll then see an option for the size, “Sidebar” is too narrow for most websites. “Square” will suit the majority and if you’re feeling really clever, you can choose “Custom” and enter the dimensions manually (hint: it’s in pixels so I’d stick with 300 max for width ;)).

Here’s the Square layout:

square layout pinterest board widget

With the custom settings you can make the board a bit wider and longer (shown below):

pinterest board widget custom width and height

Step 4 – Add the Follow Widget

To add a “Follow Me” Button to your sidebar, click and drag the follow me widget to your sidebar.

pinterest widgets available for your sidebar on wordpress


You’ll then see the options below.

follow me on pinterest widget wordpress

Pretty self explanatory right? Hit Save when you’re done 🙂

follow me on pinterest button wordpress widget

Step 5 – Add a Pin to Your Sidebar

If there’s a specific Pin that you want to show off to your visitors, click and drag the Pinterest Pin Widget to your sidebar.

pinterest widgets available for your sidebar on wordpress

pinterest pin widget wordpress plugin

Enter a title for your pin and paste in the URL to your pin into the Pin URL box. This is a piece of cake, don’t you love WordPress?

pin widget display wordpress sidebar

Step 6 – Show Off Your Pinterest Profile On Your Sidebar

Want to display your Pinterest Profile to your visitors? Drag that last widget over to the sidebar: “Pinterest Profile Widget”

pinterest widgets available for your sidebar on wordpress

You’ll see similar settings to the Board Widget, only it’s asking for your Pinterest username instead of a Board URL. Type that in and choose a size (or pick your own custom options).

pinterest profile widget settings wordpress plugin


Pinterest profile widget wordpress

Consider your WordPress Sidebar officially pimped.

thumbs up from jesus

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