How I grew my Pinterest account from scratch to 1.1k followers in just 45 minutes a week

I’ve always loved Pinterest.  There’s something beautiful about scrolling through stunning images and content and collecting it on a pin board for later indulgence.

But it wasn’t until the end of December ’15 that I thought about using it to promote my business.

As an online marketing strategist, I was targeting mums with small online businesses. I knew that Pinterest users were predominantly female and the penny finally dropped when I started to explore.  I found heaps of fabulous business related pins being shared on boards with huge followings.

I was excited and knew I had to build my own following fast!  The problem was, I had no time to indulge in lengthy research to figure it out myself.

Because Pinterest is so different to other social platforms, the techniques used on Facebook or Twitter do not work. I played around with my boards for a couple of weeks but still only had 32 followers.

That was until I discovered Pinright’s Pinterest Business Course seven months ago.

Today I have 1.1k followers. I’m using Pinterest to grow my audience and my email list. Pinterest is now my number two source of website traffic and this is growing every day.

The Pinterest for Business course was truly indispensible – I could not have achieved this success so quickly without it.

I learnt how to build the foundations of my account from scratch.  I feel like Rebecca (from Pinright) has literally held my hand through her easy, practical and clear video tutorials showing me step-by-step how to fully optimize my account. She makes it all so easy!

I wanted a structure to follow but I didn’t want to spend weeks and months on it.  Rebecca’s down-to-earth and systematic video lessons gave me the blueprint that I needed.

A few days after I completed the course, I had to turn my mobile notifications off; as I gained so many new followers my phone didn’t stop beeping!

I had been worried that Pinterest might become a complete time-suck (precious time that I didn’t have).  But in the course Rebecca revealed a secret weapon for speeding up her system.

By using the Pinright process, plus the powerful scheduling tool Tailwind, I now spend just 45 minutes a week scheduling my pins. And honestly, this is time well spent.

I still love Pinterest, but now it’s a powerful traffic driver for my business as well as a personal indulgence.

– Fiona Flintham

Fiona is a no-nonsense marketer who helps business owners reach their target audience: mums. Through a combination of research, analysis and authentic messaging, she helps you create paid advertising strategies that get you noticed, loved, and bought. To find out more or